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Our Story

Santiago and Arnold, two ambitious friends living in Cali (Colombia), dreamed of fusing their passions into something different. 


Santiago, a master chef with a passion for delicacies, and Arnold, an engineer with a passion for international cuisine, have embarked on a delicious journey

Santiago’s Culinary Journey

Always wearing a chef’s hat tilted at a jaunty angle, Santiago had a certain magic in the kitchen.

After graduating from a prestigious culinary school in Argentina, and gaining experience funding restaurants, he came up with the perfect empanada and the secrets of Argentinian cooking. 

His hands crafted empanadas with skill and perfection that are not only a meal, but a story wrapped in dough.

Arnold’s tech and culinary adventures

Arnold is an industrial engineer with an inquisitive mind, always interested in how things work. 

But his heart was in the kitchen, experimenting with different flavors and techniques. 

In Guadalajara, he explored the international culinary world of Argentina’s Asado, blending his technical precision with his culinary passion.

Arnold Mañozca
Senior SEO Strategist eCommerce Expert | Google Ads Socialist | AI Applications

LovingPastry Birthday

In Austin, Texas, the paths of Santiago and Arnold met in 2023, and LovingPastry was born. 

Their vision was simple but profound: to bring the joy of empanadas to every corner of the country. 

Their dishes are perfectly crafted together, and each empanada is a blend of traditions and global flavors.

Innovation meets tradition

But they didn’t stop.


 Arnold’s technology inspired a new idea – an automatic dispenser machine that serves hot and delicious empanadas in public places, such as supermarkets, schools and universities. 


And this machine isn’t just a piece of technology; It is a gateway to making the empanadas accessible and enjoyable, everywhere

LovingPastry today

Today, Loving Pastry stands as a testament to friendliness, innovation and culinary excellence.

Each empanada is a piece of their shared dream, a blend of Santiago’s cooking and Arnold’s technical genius. 

And when you enjoy a warm Loving Pastry empanada from the dispenser, you’re not just sampling the food; 

You are part of a story that started in Colombia and continues to manifest itself in every sweet bite. 

Meanwhile, at LovingPastry they continue working on developing the most delicious new flavors and engineering their innovative “hot empanadas dispenser” to get this machine built and patented before Oct 2024.