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Gourmet Empanadas in the USA

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Your packages of empanadas are shipped preserving the cold chain (packaged with ice)

Welcome to LovingPastry:
Embrace the Ultimate Empanada Experience in America

Ah, empanadas! You’re in for a delicious journey. 

At LovingPastry, we have perfected the art of marrying flavor and convenience. Our empanadas are a testament to frozen foods’ unexplored potential.

Picture this: a myriad of exotic flavors, each empanada crafted with passion, delivered right to your doorstep—crisp on the outside, steaming on the inside.

Each flavorful bite zooms you to the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires, Colombia, México straight to where our journey began.

From our kitchen to yours, our empanadas promise a gourmet experience, enveloped in a layer of convenience.

Ready whenever you crave, be it a snack or a sumptuous meal, we’re all about bringing the pulsating energy of Argentine and the world’s best cuisine to the USA.

Imagine enjoying the vibrant flavors and perfect textures of freshly made empanadas, right at your table.

With Loving Pastry, this is not just a dream! Our unique freezing technique locks in the deliciousness, ensuring each empanada you savor is as delightful as it was the moment it left our kitchen. 

No more sacrifices: get the freshest, tastiest empanadas, flash-frozen to seal in all the goodness!

So, welcome, empanada enthusiasts and foodies of all stripes!

Get ready to dive into a world that bustles with the best empanadas in the USA—fresh, flavorful, and oh-so-satisfying.

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